Whats to best way to check SMART status with WD Black Cav 1tb?

I have a Dell studio Xps 8100 with WD Black Cav. 1tb and my Dell diagnostics program has reported SMART Status issue since new about 5 months ago at purchase but when I run the boot partion diagnostics no problems reported. I also have Intel Rapid Storage Monitor running and it always has green check/no problems. Anyway I was curious what ultility/app is best for making sure there is no SMART HDD issues and can I turn off the acoustical setting that slows drive a little (Si Sandra Tip) or should leave it alone? Thanks for info/help!
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    HDDScan is fine for your purpose! It will display smart info and enable or disable acoustic management. It also displays temp if needed. Experiment for yourself and see if your prefer it on or off. IME it does help with seek noise but you don't get most out of your drive's speed...
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