Bios says HDD has 0mb storage

I got a new Western digital drive and every time i try to connect it to my computer my bios beeps and then it boots by disk. This happens as well if i attach my working drive along with my WD drive. How ever when i just use my Seagate drive my comp runs fine and doesnt beep as long as the WD drive is not connected. Is this a case of a damaged drive.
P.S mobo is GA-P55A-UD6 if that helps.
P.S.S windows7 disk cant seem to detect the HDD however in Bios it says it its there.
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  1. Hi there,

    Need to give the group more information about your system, the Boot System drive, the WD HDD type and size, and what you mean by beep.

    Normally when a computer Boots up, you get a single "all OK" beep just before it acesses the Boot drive. Do you get a different series of beeps?
    If assuming your System drive is the Seagate, and it run OK without connecting a new WD ?size, ?SATA as a second Data drive, you need to look at the WD drive in Disk Management. In the lower section you should see a stripe for your Seagate and one below it for the WD.

    If you haven't prepared the WD drive, you need to initialize it, choose MBR as the partition style, choose Simple Disk since partitions you create will all be one this one disk, either make 1 full disk partition, or one smaller with some unallocated space at the end for later use, and assign it a drive letter (E:\ or G:\ or whatever, choose NTFS for the file system and Full format it. It should then show Disk 1, Basic, Online, "Friendly Name", Drive letter, NTFS, Healthy.

    That way the disk will be recognized by Win-7, have a drive designated letter, and ready for data storage.
  2. Thanks for the reply.
    Some info:
    Seagate:1.5tb got at start of year and had no problems with it as of yet.
    WD: 2tb intended for storage but still haven't got it to run.

    I've also done some tests on my end. Whether they are standard troubleshooting methods i can't say 100% it is. But i've tried removing my Gpu from crossfire and running a single gpu (xfire might have a problem however not in this case). I also read up on how to install a second sata drive and to my knowledge you connect the sata cabl and the power cable to the HDD right? there is a 8 pin thingy next to it arranged in rows of 4 and columns of 2(not sure what this thing does).

    My computer usually start by spinning its fans really fast then initiating the boot process, that is of course using the hard drive i've been using all this year.

    But when i plug the WD HDD in, where be it with my first SG HDD or with out, my computer repeatedly emits a strange beeping noise pattern for a while then stops and does it three more times if i dont have my SG attached. Then it proceeds to install windows (i have my disk in the disk drive, and SG is still not attached), but when it arrives to the install stage it cannot detect a drive.

    I've also read other post about changing the sata cable but to no success. The thing about disk management is i haven't even been able to boot my computer up to use it and don't feel it is particularly safe to plug in the HDD while the computer is operational.

    The weird thing is, you are correct, seagate is my system drive however as i've probably typed before when the WD is connected in conjunction with this my comp doesn't boot up. I've tried using to bios but it stays on the loading operation system forever(loading through SG).

    Hope this helps.
    Im beginning to conclude the reader head may not be making contact but maybe its because i'm not so good at building pc's yet.
    P.S I open to criticism and suggestions, i probably misinterpreted what disk management is.
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