Anyone with a gtx 295 gaming on this Hanns G monitor?

Im looking to upgrade here and i got a recommendation for a BenQ as well, but i just really have a hard time ignoring this monitor for size and features.

I want to utlize my gtx 295 to the max, so what suggestions can some of you give?
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  1. Whats your budget for a monitor?
    You definitely want a monitor with 1920x1200 or higher with that card.
  2. Yep, thats why i gotta upgrade this puppy im budget is 300-400ish.

    Im also checking that 24" BenQ, and a 25" ASUS that got a pretty good review score on newegg. All 1920x1200.

    I just want one that is going to refresh pretty freakin fast and look good doin it lol, i do love the idea of a massive monitor like that Hanns G, but man theres gotta be a downside.

    I just want to make sure i get a perfect monitor for my gtx 295 to roll on.
  3. "refresh rate" doesn't really apply to LCD monitors. all of them are 60hz. the only thing this really affects is "tearing" in games if you have v-sync disabled. in CRT monitors a fast refresh was preferable due to how they produced the image, but in LCD monitors, this doesn't affect image quality. Here's a good article to check out:
  4. Looks a little low on the contrast and brightness levels but the resolution is good.
  5. Well heres another one that im seriously contemplating, what do you guys think about this :
  6. the Asus looks good but I wish they would quit trying to stick puny weak speakers and extra doodads on an LCD screen. At least it doesn't look like they are charging extra for it.
  7. warezme said:
    the Asus looks good but I wish they would quit trying to stick puny weak speakers and extra doodads on an LCD screen. At least it doesn't look like they are charging extra for it.

    Yea, that time and resources could be put to better use. Ive zero need for a webcam in my monitor and speakers, but you think the actual specs look pretty good?
  8. I have this monitor at the time newegg had it as a 28". I am running it with a 4870 512mb and It runs very nice with no problems... however, mine did come with several stuck pix, and 1 dead one. I can hardly notice these unless the screen is black, but not to happy about it. Other then that, the Hanns-G 27.5" is awsome, not bleeding, no ghosting issues, a very nice monitor indeed. I do love this monitor for gaming and bluray play back... Good luck with your purchase, if you get one with no dead or stuck pix, then it is a steal at the price...
  9. I also looked at the Asus models and almost went with the 24". I can't say I am sorry that I didn't the Hanns-G is a very nice monitor for the price.
  10. I shifted gears and ended up buying the T240 Samsung :) read alot of goodness on that monitor and i own a 61" DLP and a 40" LCD Sammy and love them, so i ended up rollin with the 24" Sammy.
  11. well good luck with it, I am sure it will be a great monitor, I just love the extra 4", well 3.5" LOL. I had a 24" Lg that I got from Best buy, paid around $416 dollars for it and it had several dead pics that I could not get out, so I took it back and got a WH 22" and use it for my other builds. No dead pix, and about $220 dollars cheaper. I went for the 28" because of watching movies and gaming is just awsome with it... The stuck or dead pics in the LG were very bad, I could see them a mile away it seemed, Unlike the Hanns-G I really can not notice them at all unless the screen has a black back ground.
  12. Only reason i went a little smaller was because i got a 61" DLP 1080p and a 40" 1080p LCD and as much as i loooove big, i just thought id maybe hit quality over size in this case...and im on a 22" now so the 2"s should be a nice jump, but overall it seemed the T240 was really quite the set from alot of the stuff i read, so as long as it looks good at 24" ill be happy :) if i watched movies from my PC id of probably went bigger but i got some other gear for my blu ray and all that.
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