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Hi guys, I'm currently using the intel e8400 cpu with stock cpu fan. My mobo is the asus p5e-vm. while idling, ai suite and speedfan are giving me readings that my cpu fan is only going 1000-1100rpm. Even while under load it only goes at 1000-1100rpm. My core temps are hovering around 50C according to Real Temp. Are these speeds for the fan normal? How can I increase the speed of my cpu fan? I've tried using speedfan but nothing happens when I increase the speed percentage there.

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  1. Hi B

    Go into the bios and see if Q-Fan is enabled, if so disable it .
  2. The speeds and temps sound about right for the stock fan, I think it maxes out at 1200RPM. As I said I believe the max speed is 1200RPM and that is at 12v. You can't make the fan run faster than the speed it's designed for without increasing the voltage (which would likely fry it). The only thing you could do is improve the airflow in your case and/or buy an aftermarket cooler.
  3. I didn't realize stock speeds were that low. Forget Q-Fan, buy yourself a decent cooler.
  4. I did a little looking around and I think it's faster than that. Being a 45nm dual core I'm sure the fan bundled with the E8400 isn't designed to dissipate a great deal of heat, I'm not completely sure because I never use the stock heat sinks. starams5 had a good idea of looking at Q-Fan and you should be able to choose how fast your fans run based on a certain percentage (0-100%) and you can set the temps that trigger the speed to increase.
  5. I thought the stock Intel fan on the e8400 goes up near 2000 rpm on full load?? I can't check on my e8400 because I'm using an Artic Cooling Freezer pro 7 which does the job very nicely. But when I had the stock fan on, I remember seeing 1850-ish to past 1900 rpms on certain tests I ran.
  6. Alright, thanks for the tip guys. I never knew stock fans were so weak, lol. I'll check if Q-Fan is disabled or not. Maybe I'll try and get my hands on a better cooler if I have the time.
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