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Hey everyone,
I've always been a huge fan of computers and within the last year TH fan (more like student.) As i begin scouting new components for my computer rebuild, I'm positive on the core i7 920 (and assumed necessities) I'm having a little trouble understanding a concept, despite heavy searching, that seemingly grows in importance the more i learn about computers.
Now, obviously there's a reasonable amount of Extreme "extremities" out there that generally, despite debate, are excessive - regarding the relative market, and archaic to the upcoming - in an ironic way. As much as I'd love all the re-released cpu's from mighty intel - not only does it seem wasteful, but impractical in regards to my hobby of games. And as i scour Newegg for possible/likely/definite components what i always fail to understand is who the "neighborhood allstar" is. Essentially, A cpu isn't a gpu, however central it is in the formers performance they are not the same and cant be compared as one better than the other. But, which card will outlive the other in terms of relative proficiency. WHO is the bottleneck? And how can i figure that out?
For instance, I'm rebuilding my Alienware(ridiculous purchase, but i didnt care to learn more than i needed too at the time) and I've only upgraded the 8800gtx to the BFG 285gtx, with a respectable overclock alone....AWESOME CARD. My CPU is a QX6700 on its bed as we speak, it operates at high temps and i'm ready to toss it. It does however run all games without a snag, meaning i dont notice (not that that means much) a cpu bottleneck. I know i could just buy the buyers guide top reviews components, plug and play and voila! But i would really like to understand how one component can cripple another, like the i7 i'm getting with ddr3 ram and lightning fast this/that.....How can it work even near it's praised speed on a 7200 or 10000 rpm harddrive? Or can it?

Thanks alot guys, i really appreciate your help,

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  1. Reading lots of performance data (the practical ones) and taking note of the testing parameters&setup to ensure no bias involved (which happens btw). That's the basic gist of it. Analyse that data yourself if possible and don't rely on the reviewer's comment unless you have a great understand of the reviewer in question.
    From my experience it took at least 3yrs of constant reading to get a precise overall understanding of just desktop computing. Not counting workstations and servers...etc. just plain simple single-user desktop usage.
    After that you can choose to keep topping up with new data and even look into other areas of computing.

    The main factor against learning is marketing. It's so manipulative that you can easily fall into the clutches of it. You may not see it, but this forum is FULL of marketing by people's recommendation of hardware e.g. the Homebuilt forum I leave to rot off

    And of course I had help from some truly inspirational(and very strict) figures on this forum back in the days that pointed those facts to me I mentioned above, correcting me contantly with data/facts...etc.

    [EDITED]Of course if you're just looking for all the answers to your questions you asked above I could do that as well and give you data to back every individual statements up. That is what you be looking for when someone gives you info on performance(or anything to do with comparable numbers) difference.
  2. The CPU will almost never be bottlenecked by the hard drive, unless you have way less RAM than you should have. The CPU will be operating from cache and RAM, and the hard drive will only be used for loading data.
  3. ^^ The problem is that data from the HD needs to get to RAM first, before the CPU can access it. And HD's do not like having more then one thing being Read/Written at a time...There is a bottleneck, although its not a huge one. If CPU's get much faster though, it could become an issue...
  4. Wow...Thanks alot guys. I really appreciate the input, I'm still amazed total strangers worlds away would take the time to help a fellow enthusiast...
    You guys certainly helped alot....And now knowing there relatively cohesive in terms of performance, I have another question....

    I have a 680i mobo - Qx6700 default timings - aftermarket thermaltake air cooler - 285gtx oc'd (very stable) 710/core 1605/shader 1375/mem (2650) - 4gb ddr2 ram (auto) -1000w psu

    I've begun the upgrading with the 285 gtx, now i'm looking into an i7 setup. But if possible i'd like to hold off for a few months, BUT my qx6700 is *** a way...I'll try to explain as best i can, it runs idle at about 58c/70c load ...I bought the HS and it didnt change significantly, although i think it helped a little. It ran like this with the last cooler, i installed,uninstalled,reinstalled the hs with little change. Now if i run prime 95 it shuts off - complete power down, no screen, warning,, - within minutes, up to 10 minutes most. Now what i find odd is that doing everything else a human would DO with a computer, games, apps, etc., it works....I've never had it shut down and i've played crysis for over 2 hours as a medium. However, running GTA IV it stutters with 15 fps avg regardless of my card settings....Now i think it should be capable of running it fairly well, and dont get me wrong i just got the game and this is by no means the initiating action...But it does make me think there could be a variable i'm overlooking. I've uninstalled/reinstalled every driver,bios update both under Vista and 7 RC (currently using) and it's consistent.

    The question i have is - let's say the cpu is dead (although with the default shutdown it shouldnt be) would you guys reccomend upgrading to another quadcore for 2 - 3 months...although money is an issue, i wouldnt mind spending a reasonable amount on a quad core if it could get me by till sept or so. OR, do you think it could be a mobo issue and maybe another mobo would solve the problem.

    I know nothing is definite in computers but if i have a strong feeling, or most likely component identified, i wouldnt mind ordering it from newegg and going from there...unfortunately i dont have other parts to adequately troubleshoot so it's not really an option. Ive searched forum after forum and it's always a HS issue, which mine likely isnt. I'm honestly fed up with the cpu/mobo and am nearing waving a white flag and stomping the cards out and releasing any frustrating tension with each silicon shattering seriously, if something seems viable or worth it I really would like to try and make the most for now....

    Lastly, with the current selection of high req. games available, how sound would adding another 285 in sli be? I know it's pricey but if it would carry me for at least another SOLID year of gaming then i think I'd like to...I've always had a perverse hatred of dual configs but i cant stop hearing how incredibly stable nvidia's drivers are getting(comparatively speaking)

    THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH, I really do appreciate this newfound venue of assistance, You guys represent the best and most conclusive means an individual has afforded to them.
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