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I need to replace the LCD screen on my Acer Aspire one D250-1706. Getting the frame to the screen off is proving to be a nightmare. The top two screws are no problem, they are covered by rubber grommets that just pop off. It's the bottom two that are proving to be my undoing. They are hard plastic that are almost even with the screen it's self. Anyone know how to remove these without cracking the frame?? thank you
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  1. I would suggest getting a new Netbook instead, since they are pretty cheap. Have you considered it?
  2. No, I still have my little Samsung netbook too, I just hated to see my little Acer sitting around broken. I found and ordered a screen for 57.00 US dollars and managed to get the little plastic things off using a craft knife. I'm all set to go just waiting for my new screen which also meets the part number on my old :) So, for a little over 5o dollars and about 20 minutes of my sons time I will have a little back up computer :)

    Thanks for your reply
  3. Good luck!
  4. It was very easy, like I said in my OP the little plastic covers were the hardest part. Very pleased with myself :)
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