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I've got a 20MB cable connection. I need to send it wirelessly to two laptops and hardwired to two PCs.
What type of router should I use if I want to keep a high rate of bandwidth to one of the PCs and low rate to the laptops? I'd like to make sure the PC is getting at least a constant 15MB connection. Do I need a specific firmware, or a good simultaneous connection speed router.
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  1. Like it or not, you'll get a better connection to the PCs than the laptops pretty much no matter what you do. The PC will get a 100mb or 1000mb connection from the router since it's hardwired. The laptop will get up to 300mb in theory, but in reality, you'll probably get less than 100mb. I think any N router will do for you.

    Here's a $24.99 router at NewEgg that should work OK for you.

    It's probably about the lowest end N router out there, but generally speaking it either works or doesn't.

    You'll also need a PCMCIA N network card for the laptop. Here's a $10.99 one from NewEgg.
  2. I found a WRN1000 on Craigslist for pretty cheap (I didn't feel like waiting on shipping). I'm still getting a similar lagg issue, I had with my wireless G router. I'm not getting full internet signal via hardwired even when the laptops are off.
  3. Use quality of service (QOS) to reserve ?% bandwidth on each pc while the machine that needs the majority of bandwidth, set its QOS to 0%
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