Plz help me in my overclocking problem



intel core2duo e8400 e0 with cm hyper 212 plus
gigabyte ep45-ud3r rev 1.1
2*2gb kingston hyperx pc 8500 -- cl7 bus (1066)
ati hd 5850
psu:cooler master 600 watt

i have succefully overclocked my system yesterday but i face aproblem . first i overclocked to 4.05 ghz (450*9) with 1.293 volt and 900 mhz ram frequency with 2.00d spd ram profile& 1.9 volt. the system was stable for 8 hours using prime 95. the problem appeared after that when i shut computer down then open it during first boot when i turned on pc the power led turned on then turned off for 2 seconds then the computer boots. but ifound somthing to solve it but it,s not stable i enterd bios and changed spd ram profile to 2.00b .computer refused to boot however it gives me also 900 mhz.ichanged it again to 2.40b it gave me 1068 mhz ram frequency i changed ram voltage to 2 volt and restart the computer boots normally without power led turnig on then off . but the system didn,t complete 2 minutes in prime 95 test . so i can,t found solve for my issue ... plz help

some cpu-z pics

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  1. hey where are answers??
  2. What prime95 are you doing? Blend, small, large? Blend will test mostly ram, and some cpu. I would bump the nb voltage a notch, and set fsb termination to 1.3. What is your cpu voltage set to in bios? That might need a bump as well. Make sure you have proper voltage and timing set for your ram.
  3. i made blind test

    cpu voltage is 1.29375

    how to know the right timing for my ram
  4. Experiment. It's the only way.

    I suggest that you keep the FSB:RAM ratio at 1:1 for two reasons. First, overclocking RAM in a Core2 system just does not accomplish much. And it may add to instability. We talk about that here:

    You can also try increasing the memory voltage up to about 2.2 volts and vcore up to 1.45 volts.
  5. for what all this increase in ram and cpu voltage they are stable with their voltage for now 8 hours in blind test and 4 hours in small fft test in prime 95. i already save it 1:1 ratio . but the problem is in memory clock multilplier when it set to 2.00 d profile led power turns on then off then computer boots but after that it,s tottaly stable . but in 2.00 b profile computer refuse to boot how ever it also gives me 900 mhz ram frequency so why it refuse to boot in b prfile
  6. I looked more closely at the CPU-Z screens. What you really have is factory overclocked DDR2-800 RAM. The third CPU-Z screen says so. You probably will need more RAM voltage to make the RAM run at a higher speed.

    Is this your memory?

    If the 2.00D BIOS setting is stable, go with it.
  7. yes they are . and the already at 900 mhz and computer is stable. my problem is the power led in the first boot only . i don,t know where is th problem.but computer is stable for 8 hours blind test and 4.30 hours in small fft .
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