I recently built a new pc for my friend but....

i built a system for my friend, i got everything working. he used it for 3 days, and he said to me that it turned off by itself, and it wont restart?... i havent looked at it yet so i dont know.

what do you guys think the problem might be and how do u think i can fix it?

the specs are:

Asus m3a78
Phenom x4 9550 2.2ghz
cheap ass ram 667mhz 2x1 gb
500gb hdd
400w psu
MSI 8600gt 256mb

so yep, any advice would be good. thanks in advance! :hello:
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  1. What PSU did you use? If its a cheapo that was free with the case, I would suspect that as the culprit. Does it not even post? What exactly happens when he pushes the power button?
  2. Ah, the calamity that befalls a kind hearted friend.
    That is why I stopped building PC's for friends and family, I grew extremely tired of being their non-stop 24 hour tech support! Peanut butter on the DVD's? Soda spilled on the keyboard? Opened an email with a Virus? Installed this program, supposed to double my memory, now nothing works right.....I deleted all my duplicate files and now my PC won't boot, I forced the USB connector from my Ipod into the wrong slot on the back and sparks came out, now my Ipod won't work and the computer is black and smokey....really, those were actually things I have had to deal with >sigh<

    It's really hard to say until you go over an see what is going on.
    Could have pulled the plug out of the wall for you know.....had that happen too.....
  3. haha... the power supply is a corsair 400w
    he just somehow.. turned the power supply off...
    thanks guys, and jitpublisher. your right about the 24/7 tech support crap.. it gets real annoying especially when your not getting paid to fix it all..
  4. :lol: Funny how some things that are common sense to us never occurs to other people. I hope you made him feel really stupid for that lol.
  5. haha it was pretty funny actually, it was the first thing i did for some reason, the look on his face was priceless :lol:
  6. Thanks for posting, nothing like a good laugh to start the week :)
  7. hahah anytime ;)
  8. Ah, great Tech Support calls... these are some of my favorites that I experienced myself;

    1. I was sending out installation disks (on 5.25" floppies to show my age) to car dealers in England, one called to say that there was a problem with the disk. I asked them to send me a copy of it. Two days later, the mail arrived with the floppy disk nicely photocopied onto a sheet of paper.

    2. I learned from that one and the next time, I asked them to send me the disk itself. They did so. Stapled to a compliments slip.

    3. There was an IBM compatible PC called an Amstrad in England which had the mouse with the cord facing down rather than up. A friend called to say that the mouse was not working right. After an hour's drive to see her, I discovered that she was using the mouse upside down.

    4. A tip for you all... 5.25" floppy disks DO often fit between the two drives on (very old) twin floppy IBM PCs. They do not work there.

    5. I witnessed someone complaining at Dixons (the English version of Circuit City) that the cup holder had broken. It turned out that they were using the CD tray.

    6. Check that the power cable is plugged in. At both ends. And switched on. At both ends. Ditto Monitor. And the cable between the PC and monitor. And, yes... I have (over the phone) gone through almost all 9 possible options.

    I don't do much front-line tech support these days and am so happy about this... I am now much less polite than I used to be and doubt that I can still keep my face straight.
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