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Hey all,

This problem really has me worried and any help would be greatly appreciated! I have an Iomega 1.5tb external usb drive that got corrupted by Windows 7. Here is what happened:

I have another identical Iomega drive that is 1tb in size. I tried to safely remove this drive from windows but after a couple of attempts, it wouldn't let me disconnect, saying that it was being used. In a case like this I usually put the computer in standby mode and wait for the disks to turn off. I then power down the drive and disconnect it from the computer. This is what I did, but I connected my 1.5tb drive (with the same usb cable) before waking up Windows. Apparently, Windows thought the same hard drive was connected because I tried to browse the folders and it was the same as the other drive.

I am not sure what I did next, whether I ejected the drive from Windows or put the computer on standby again and disconnected it that way. I then woke the OS up and and reconnected the drive. Well, Windows told me that the drive was unformatted and that I needed to format it, which I did not.

And now my drive is completely unrecognizable in Windows. And I also tried Knoppix without success. What can you guys reccomend that I do to recover my files? I don't care if the drive survives or not but I have a lot of video files that are not completely backed up.

I tried Photorec and that recovered a lot of my files, but with some oddities. Some of the video files have been joined together (weird) and some are unplayable in VLC player.

I am currently scanning the drive with Easus Partition Recovery but I am not sure if it will fix it or not and I hate to do anything that might delete my files.

What if I completely cloned the drive to another? Would that recover my files or would that just corrupt the other drive?

So, what should I do now? :)

Sorry about the long post! Hope it's all clear. Again, any help would be greatly appreciated as I am at a loss at what to do now.


- Hunter
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  1. It doesn't sound good I'm afraid.

    You could try plugging in the damaged drive and doing a system restore as sometimes it's a registry error that causes this kinda' corruption. You could also check if your external drives have system restore backups.

    You could plug in the damaged drive, and run a chkdsk /r on it. Maybe that will help?

    Like I said though, this doesn't sound good. In this case - I would normally cut my losses after a few tries and format the disk to keep it from getting damaged.
  2. If nothing works you could try to run Recuva on it and try to recover any files, then reformat and see what happens.
  3. If the system see's it, it isn't dead yet so you may be able to at least recover the files.
    Good luck.
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