Realtek HD Integrated Sound card or Creative SoundBlaster Audigy Value

Bought a new desktop. My old desktop has a Creative Audigy Value. The new one has a Gigabyte G31 motherboard with integrated Realtek soudcard. Should I install the Audigy or is the integrated one better?

fyi I'm using 4.1 speakers
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  1. Well the quality is comparative. Unless you do professional audio work, leave the setup the way it is.
  2. I just want good quality in music, movies and games.
  3. Then the integrated will do just fine. Most DSP used for Realtek HD are fairly high quality these days when used with good (but not costing few hundreds) speakers or headphones.
  4. I already own the Audigy Value. I dont need to buy it. Even so, will the integrated card still be better? I'm using Creative Gigaworks T40 speakers.
  5. Anyone for one final clearcut answer?

    Would be appreciated.
  6. Hmm...I'd actually go with the Realtek on this one; they have very good onboard chips, and the Audigy is getting on in years...
  7. btw...the model is Realtek ALC662
  8. Stick with the Realtek. Less components in your case = less stuff to go wrong/less heat generation (though an audio card doesn't generate any significant heat).
  9. Since you have the card already try both with and without. And experience it for yourself. Then tell us which is actually better.
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