My head wants to explode!

I am currently in the process of researching the various computer parts and terms associated with building a gaming computer. I am already very familiar with computers and their parts, however I am a complete scrub when it comes to overclocking. I have done some light research but a few questions still remain unanswered...

1. What parts of a computer can you overclock?
--I am under the impression the only things you can overclock are the CPU,GPU, and the RAM

2. What parts of the computer can be Water-Cooled?
-- From what I gather the CPU and the GPU can be?

3. If there are more parts that can be Water-Cooled (other than the CPU AND GPU), can they all be water-cooled simultaneously? Would there be too many tubes running around all over the place?

4. Does Water-Cooling allow you to do some serious overclocking? Does the benifit of water-cooling justify the means?

6. Are there any really good Overclocking / Watercooling guides for complete beginners that someone can point me to?

Any help would be much appreciated, and Thank you in advance :D
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  1. Also, I would like to add my apologies if my questions have already been posted by someone else in another thread, I am a newcomer and have yet to do some deep reading in these forums. If you know of a thread or some links that might steer me in the right direction please feel free to post the link.
  2. 1. Typically, you would only overclock the CPU, GPU, RAM, and northbridge/FSB on a Gaming PC.
    2. The CPU, GPU, RAM, northbridge, and even southbridge can all be water-cooled.
    3. You can make your loop as big as you want.
    4. Water-cooling typically allows for better temperatures while running more "extreme" overclocks when compared to the average air cooling systems.
    6. I'm not sure what TH's forum rules are for external links so I'll have to get back to you on that.
  3. Video Freak pretty much answered ur questions, so I'll give u some advice which I learnt the hard way.

    If You're relatively new to Overclcoking, AND you're building a new computer, my advice is, you dont really need water cooling for overclocking yet, infact, if its a new PC, you dont really need to OC ur cpu much at all (gaming is mostly about GPU afterall, multiple cores help in many games, but cpu speed, should be decent most of the time)

    After a year or two, you can try OCing slightly, when your chip gets really outdated, you can switch to water cooling to extend the life just a bit more, that way, you'll only really need to update ur cpu Mobo once every 4 years or so (unless ur filthy rich.... then i guess it dosnt matter)
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