How to fix corrupted recycle bin in windows xp

have tried numerous suggestions in repairing a corrupted recycle bin. all to no avail. anyone have any suggestions
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  1. Restart your computer. At the Windows startup screen, press the F8 key. Several options will appear on your screen. Select "Safe Mode with Command Prompt." Your screen should now show a command prompt, or "C:\." If you see something else, you may be in the Windows directory. Type the command "CD\" and press Enter. This should bring you to "C:\."

    Type "attrib --s --h recycler" and press Enter. This command tells Windows to give you access to the protected file.

    Type the command "del recycler" and press Enter. This entry will delete your corrupt Recycle Bin.

    Restart your computer. Windows will detect the missing Recycle Bin and create a new one.

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