SpeedFan Issue (Asus P5Q)

Hi there

A summary of my configuration:

Monitoring temperature only on Core0 (this core is running the hottest) and the 'desired' temperature is set to 40deg and 'warning' is set to 60deg. I can only alter the chassis fan speeds (P5Q does not allow CPU fan alteration) and has set the specific speed settings for these fans with a minimum value of 30% and a maximum value of 100%.

The problem is...

When the CPU temperature goes over 40deg, lets say 42deg, the chassis fan speed will gradually increase to 100%, even if the temperature is just above 40? Why does this happen. I'd say that the fan speed must be adjusted proportionally between 40-60 degrees? Thus, if the temperature is for example 42deg, then the fan speed must be adjusted to 37% [(40-42)/(60-40)*(100-30)].

Its sad that Q-Fan does not have custom profiles one can specify. Q-Fan works fine with the supplied profiles, but the profiles' minimum fan speed value is too high - the fans are too noisy.

Would appreciate any help to get SpeedFan to work properly.

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  1. I'm honestly not experienced with configuring Speedfan, but you can try adding more passive cooling to your setup. From what I've read, the fan noise increases when go over 40C. Which is a good thing, because the lower your under load temperature is, the less your CPU will wear out.
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