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I just recently got P6T motherboard, and assembled almost full PC... however I haven't got ram installed, because UPS delayed my order.

My question is, will anything display on the screen, if I don't have any RAM in slots?
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  1. Nothing. Not even the BIOS screen where you would be setting up the RAM that is still at UPS.
  2. No, I was wondering if anything would appear on screen if i tried to turn it on...
    Im not trying to set up ram voltage or timings or anything, just trying to find out if my motherboard ok ? is it possible without ram, is what I'm asking ?
  3. You can turn the system on without RAM and it will not hurt the system being RAMless, but nothing will appear on the screen. With a working speaker hooked to the front panel speaker header the MB's BIOS should beep (no pictures) screaming at no RAM installed in the system.
  4. It will unsuccessfully POST. You cannot get to the BIOS with an unsuccessful POST.
  5. No error messages.... Maybe its because sound drivers are not installed?
  6. Sorry its my first own build, so I'm a bit nervous about motherboard being defective....
  7. Not sound drivers. A working 'case' speaker has to be connected the the Front Panel Speaker Header to sound BIOS error 'beeps'. Error being no system RAM detected. No only are no sound drivers installed, no OS is either.
  8. If your case happened to have one of these 'mini speakers' included, it can be plugged into the front panel speaker header to sound BIOS codes. Of course if the MB is detecting No RAM in the system and sounding error's working.
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