I7 Turbo Boost stopped working

I have a asus N61Jq... the turbo boost has been working fine since a couple days ago when i installed an update. Now it doesnt work at all. When gaming, it doesnt kick in and i can see that my laptop isnt working as hard as it used to... and it doesnt get as warm as it used to. I dont know very much about computers at all... so if anybody has an answer please explain it like you were talking to a monkey. thanks
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  1. Thanks for the responce, and i tried what you suggested. The button to get into my BIOS on my laptop is F2. There is no option that refers to the turbo boost technology there, so i left it alone. Second, i uninstalled my last update by typing in "update" into my start search icon, and unistalling the last one i saw. I don't know hot to find the 'culprit' because i dont know what the culprit is. Any other suggestions? I E-mailed Asus and they suggested that i wipe my laptop and reinstall windows.... but I really dont feel like going through that hassal. I have downloaded to many things to start over again. Any other help would be very welcomed. I am very sorry for my lack of knowledge in computers.
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