Damaged HDD, any way to retrieve my data?

Hello all,

I recently broke my external HDD, it had been overheating in its case so I had it loose, and during a reorganisation of my PC-area I accidentally stood on it whilst it was spinning, it made a god-awful "crunch" sound and I immediately thought "Oh damn, there goes all the data on that". However the HDD managed to continue to work despite this, I thought it best to take this blessing as a reason to back up all of the data stored on it.

During the backup (a simple drag and drop onto another HDD) it froze on a insignificant file, I left it for several hours, then tried killing the transfer before killing explorer all together. At this point the HDD disappeared from windows, and has been gone ever since.

I am assuming I damaged one of the sectors on the HDD when I stepped on it and when trying to read this sector the HDD froze up. My dilemma now is that I know that the data is still on there, I've seen it, but the HDD is not recognised by any program in windows or Mac (I run a dual boot) I have even run the Seagate disk utility from CD and it did not find it either.

So my question - Is there any way to get my system to recognise this disk, or do I have no hope short of a professional service that can try the platter in another disk?

HDD in question - Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 500 Gbytes
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  1. Since your foot didn't contact anything but the disk, the damage is in that disk, and as you suspect, its done. Time for the professionals. Sorry.
  2. You can try and see if you can get Recuva to read the HDD but if it is damaged then it probably wont read it, but its worth a try.
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