How to overclock an ASUS EAH5570 1GB DDR3 (GRAPHICS CARD)

hello, i am wondering what do i need to do to overclock an ASUS EAH5570 1GB DDR3 graphics card.
do i need to buy a cooler to overclock?(my room is always cold)
WHAT ELSE do i need to do?
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  1. You shouldnt need to buy a new cooler all you need is an overclocking utility like.

    MSI Afterburner
  2. which one do you prefer? and do i overclock a CPU or GPU or both?
  3. i use Afterburner. it seems a bit less complicated then Rivatuner. but both are fairly good programs.

    do you overclock a CPU? im a bit confused what your asking. but if your question is DO you need to overclock the CPU to overclock the GPU then no.

    GPU overclocking is pretty easy compared to CPU overclocking, also download Furmark

    this will help you make sure your GPU temperature is stable by running a stress test to see how hot it gets. i would also get HWmonitor

    which is another temp monitor that i usually leave on most of the time just so i can see my highest GPU temps after i finish gaming.
  4. howcome i can only adjust the core clock and the memory clock? is this good? is thi bad?what? howcome i cannot increase fan speed?
  5. What Utility are you using.
  6. what do you mean by utility?
  7. which program are you using to overclock?
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