I need to get info off internal SATA HDD It shows up under disk managment but no

I need to get data off SATA internal drive. I am using a USB to SATA cable adaptor. When plugged into my new PC. I do not see in My Computer, but it does appear ing Device Manager as unallocated. It wants me to intialize to be able to use it. But then I will lose data. Right? Can not assign it a drive letter either.
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  1. Try opening the case and attaching it directly to a motherboard SATA port.
  2. I have been advise by a friend, that when you see it in device manager and not in My Computer, that HD is damaged, he said that it is probably is the boot sector of the drive. And that was my problem when booting up PC. I was told that it was the mother board, but it probably has been the HD all along. I have not confirmed it, but I am done with it. Thanks to all who replied.
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