Need Help Please: 2 SSD separated vs 2 SSDs in Raid 0

I currently have an SSD (64gb Kingston V+ now Series) that my OS (Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit) is loaded on as well as a few of my most used games. The reason I purchased an SSD was for the increased performance for when I play my games and when using my OS so it is vital to me that these items remain on an SSD. All my essential documents and files are located on a separate 1TB Samsung F3 Spinpoint HDD.

I am near full capacity (just over 9gbs of free space available) and it is getting a little too close for my comfort. With the release of the newest expansion for World of Warcraft on the horizon I fear that my SSD will be too full for it to operate optimally.

I believe relocating my pagefiles and things of that nature will only temporarily delay the inevitable (the fact that I will eventually still run out of free space).

I have concluded that purchasing a second identical SSD to the one I have now would be the best solution (because it is an afforable price and will utilize the SSD I already have, rather than reselling or discarding my current SSD and purchasing a single larger drive which is much more costly)

The predicament I am in now is I can not determine the best way of intergrating the new SSD into my current system:
1) Should I wipe/reformat my current SSD, and create a RAID 0 array using both SSDs and my p55 Chipset driver (with Intel RST), and reinstall my OS and games onto the new partition and array I created?
The main benefits and disadvantages to this option FOR ME (since the files that are imortant to be will not be stored on the drives in Raid 0, risk of data loss is not a big concern) is that TRIM cannot be enabled on SSDs that are in Raid 0 due to the command not being allowed to be sent through the raid controller. This could lead to a decreased life span of my SSDs, and maybe even decreased performance? I also believe it would require me to wipe my drives every 2-6 months in order to keep them operating effienctly. It could also lead to an increase in performance.
2) Should I keep my current setup and just add a second SSD as a storage device? I could keep my OS on my current SSD, and transfer all my games to the second SSD. Would all my games work on a separate drive? Specifically World of Warcraft? Would I still recieve the same speed and performance that I have now by doing this? Would TRIM be enabled on a second SDD? or would it only apply to the SDD that the OS is loaded onto?
Please help. Thanks.
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    Personally I'd install the 2nd SSD as a separate drive and then remove/reinstall some of your larger programs from the one holding the OS to the new one. New stuff you install from this point on can go onto the new drive.

    That eliminates the need to reinstall the entire system and also keeps your TRIM capability.
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