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Hey guy,

I was talking to my dad today about some of his work. He said that they've been designing this huge (1 million sqr foot) data server center and that they've had to build a huge chiller to act as a heat exchange for all the servers.

We were discussing if we could construct a water cooling rig for my computer just for fun, it wouldn't be anything permanent. Our basic though was this: We'd set up a water block on the cpu and have a pump attached to it, the hot water would be flowing into a radiator or cool it just like a normal water cooling rig. Instead of flowing back into a reservoir, we'd have it hook up to a rigged mini-fridge which we no longer use. Inside the mini fridge there would be a bucket of water and the the water from the radiator would flow into a copper coil inside in this bucket to further chill (~38ish *F) it before heading back to the cpu.

Just curious if someone has done a project like this? Would we even need a radiator? Will the mini fridge be able to provide enough cooling power to offset the heat from the cpu and prevent a slow rise in the loop temperature? In the even that this does work, will it really provide anything more than what you can get from a regular water cooled pc (would you be able to push the oc father?)?

Thanks for the thoughts guys!
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    Depending on what you are trying to cool, the compressor in the fridge WILL NOT be able to chill the water is any significant way as to warrant the extra work that would be needed to set up and maintain something like this. And yes, you WILL need a rad. If you want something like this, you will need a chiller/compressor from something like an AC, not a fridge.
  2. What a bumper, I was looking forward to a cool project like that. But I did just run into an article about bong cooling, which is hilarious to say the least, and saves you money on a rad. I dont know how i feel about a 5ft tower next to my computer to cool it though.

    Thanks again
  3. ^Yep, Shadow nailed this one. The amount of heat your average mini or normal size refrigerator is able to effectively remove is significantly less than what a normal/above normal rig would put out in heat.

    Now, I have seen a guy that stripped out a cooling element and compressor from a fridge and used that (submerged) in a big tank (reservoir) to cool the coolant; however, it was very cumbersome and not very feasible.

    You'd be better off (like Shadow mentioned) using an A/C compressor to create very cold temps to cool with, much like phase coolers work that you can buy for PC use/cooling.

    With bong cooling, you get a decent amount of cooling potential, but also run into issues like condensation and algae growth since it's an open loop. You also have that constant sound of trickling or running water. They are a decent and cheap alternative, but not many people use them due to the above and lack of portability.
  4. Quote:
    You also have that constant sound of trickling or running water.

    I like the sound of flowing water...

    Anyways, yeah, portability for a bong cooler and the evaporation is the main problem.
  5. Ya, id probably stick to a regular water cooling set up than if i did that because i do take my computer between my dorm room and parents house every now and than, and its already big enough.

    How much do you guys recon it would cost? I was thinking something along:

    cpu block + bracket $75ish
    radiator $60-70
    pump $60-70
    reservoir $40
    hoses + clamps ???

    Around $300ish? I have no clue about what to buy in sense of brands and where to find it. newegg seems to be very limited in the water cooling supplies they carry.
    And i probably wouldnt worry about my 5850 as its non-ref pcb so it doesnt overclock and the fan is enough for it.

    Thanks guys
  6. ^ Agreed, Newegg has no real WCing choices. I usually use jab or petras or in the rare case, Dangeden or Frozen.

    $300 is about right for a top end WCing loop. You can probably do it for ~$250.

    My recommendation (CPU loop, no GPU):
    Swiftech XT or EK Supreme HF
    Micro res or any other res really doesn't matter
    1/2" ID Tygon or Primoflex LRT
    Swiftech MCR320-QP-K (cheap and damn reliable)
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