Building first pc, need comments and help

hey everyone,

id like to start off by saying this will be my first build and i have next to no experience in building pcs so all help/comments will be appreciated :). k well i did some looking around and what i ended up putting together for components are


power supply:



CPU cooler:

graphics card:


and im gonna use 3 gigs of DDR2 ram i had extra from upgrading an older system and a friends pc

my main concern was if all the components are going to be compatible with each other. the final price with drives ended up coming out to right around $850, is that high or about average for the hardware i'd be getting? another thing i was worried about was will all the components be easy to install/setup and fit nice and spaciously in the case? also i'd like it to be ready for easy upgrades in the future when its needed. oh and if im missing anything that i would need please let me know heh
well im gonna hold off on buying any of this till im sure its what i'll be wanting, thanks a bunch to anyone whos willing to help me out :D

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  1. Welcome to the forums and good luck!

    Except for cases and PSUs, usually has lower prices than

    I would get a e8500 processor if you are a gamer.
    I would change that heatsink:

    Top 5 heatsinks:,1967-12.html

    Top 5 Low Profile Heatsinks on Frostytech

    Tell us the speed and brand of your left over memory.
  2. So what exactly are you going to use this PC for? That build you have there is very unbalanced. If this is a gaming PC then you need to put a lot more money into the GPU, if this is a workstation/home general use PC then...well then there are lots of things to change lol. I would probably change every component you picked to be honest.

    I would show you the wrongs of your ways here, but there isn't any point in me making suggestions for your build since I have no idea what you were going for and what kind of budget you are working with, as well as the size of monitor you will be using or if you already have components that you don't need to buy (if that ram you have is old then I suggest you buy new ram since it is so cheap and you will see a big performance increase with DDR2-800 vs DDR2-553 or whatever). Do you have any brand preferences as far as ATI/Nvidia or AMD/Intel?

    Ok well to just give you a general sense of what I would do for that price I will give you some options. If you want a gaming PC for about $850, then this is what you should get:
    Mobo CPU combo -$45
    MIR -$45

    If you want a home general use PC for internet, email, ect then you can go with basically the same thing, but without the CPU cooler and with this GPU instead, and it will cost you a lot less:

    Or you can spend the full $850 and get this mobo and CPU with the above build's other components^
  3. thanks for responses :)

    well im definitely planing on using it mostly for gaming but i dont play to many high end computer games(but i'd like to be able to easily upgrade if i wanted to), the most graphic intense games i'd be playing are probably World of Warcraft and Unreal Tournament 3.

    as for preference ive always used intel and nvidia in my comps and havent had any problems, but if theres better stuff on the market for the price i dont really see a problem in switching to a different brand.

    yeah the reason i picked that GPU was because i didnt understand the onboard memory(was thinking i had to get one with ddr2 if thats all the mobo had). im using a 19" monitor and the ram i have is

    so i would prolly want faster ram and a better gpu? the last mobo and CPU combo you listed--is that better then the AMD and mobo from that wishlist you made? also with that case you chose, does it come with the front fans or would i have to buy those?

    and i have an extra copy of XP but if vista is better i dont really mind picking up a new copy(i have vista on my laptop and have used both OS and it seems like vista runs slower then xp, i dont know if that is just because ihave it on a laptop vs a desktop running xp though.

    when all is said and done i'd like it to be no more then 900$ so that leave some room for improving some parts, hopefully this will help you help me, sorry post was kinda vague last night, was really tired :P
  4. I like xthekidx's build, but I would get this cooler instead since it comes with a retention bracked for an extra $3.

    XIGMATEK Dark Knight-S1283V 120mm Long Life Bearing CPU Cooler - Retail $39.99
  5. The retention bracket isn't usable on AM2+ I don't think...
  6. xthekidx said:
    The retention bracket isn't usable on AM2+ I don't think...

    You're right, my bad. I'm sleep-posting again. :(
  7. sorry noob question, so whats the main difference im gonna see if i go with that amd cpu over the intel? also is there a better motherboard i should get with the [...] er=8901465 build? not second guessing your suggestion, just wanna make sure its gonna be the best i can get for the price. and this will be my first time using a AMD pcu and Radion card thats the reason im kinda indecisive about it :??:
  8. I don't think you can do better for the price with that wishlist that I posted.

    The second CPU and Mobo combo I posted is much better than the AMD CPU and mobo, but twice as expensive. If you want to be able to game on your computer then go for the AMD build and get the better GPU. ATI cards tend to give you a better value for what you pay for them in that price range, which is why I suggested ATI cards. That AMD CPU does very well in games and is cheaper than the Intel performance equivalent, the E8400. It also comes with 3 cores instead of 2, so more future proof and will help multitasking too. Going with the AMD CPU that I posted or the Q9650 CPU that I posted will make almost no difference in games, you will see the difference in productivity work, Video editing, things like that.
  9. thanks alot for your help :D yeah i dont do any video editing so sounds like its gonna be what im looking for, i'll prolly end up ordering the stuff sometime this week, after i get it set up and stuff would you care if i message ya if i run into any problems?
  10. I will help any way that I can ;)
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