Help with installing windows 7 without cd?

i'm trying to make an iso to boot windows 7. i lost the cd for it and i don't like to pirate. i used my other pc which is a pentium 4 running windows xp to initialize my hdd, which is a 1tb western digital caviar black and i created a primary master partition and also marked partition as active.

when i initialized the hdd, i created a partition and hooked it back to the asus p6x58 it said "boot device not recognized". i set the partition of the hdd to active on xp, then loaded it to the asus p6x, and the new pc says NTLDR is missing.

i haven't extracted the windows 7 iso to the hdd yet. how can i boot windows 7 onto the new pc when all i have is my other pc a pentium 4 running windows xp and no dvd burner?
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  1. Have a look here:

    In order to do so though, I think that you'll have to find the W7 DVD or buy a new copy.
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