Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 Stock Heatsink/Fan Question

I just purchased a Intel Q9550 and I'm just waiting for it to arrive. However I do have a question regarding the cooling of it. As it stands now i'm using a C2D E8500 with the stock heatsink & fan and I haven't oc'd the cpu. It's been running great since I purchased it.

What i'm wondering is when I get the Q9550 is it recommended to purchase a cooling heatsink/fan (Say.. a zalman 9700?) or would the stock items keep the cpu under control without any problems or any chances of it over heating.

I have no intentions of overclock the cpu. I'm running a ASUS p35chipset P5K motherboard.

Thank you.
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  1. The stock Q9550 HSF is pretty wimpy, I put an AC7 on mine from day one as I have no intention of OC'ing it either.
  2. So i'm assuming a Zalman 9700 would be alright ? I it setup on my dads pc with a e6300 cpu but i was thinking of removing it from that and adding it to my q9550 when I get it. I'll give my father my E8500 along with the stock fan that seems to be working good for me.
  3. The Zalman would be much better than the AC7. Put the stock Q9550 HSF on the E8500.
  4. Yeah I guess the Stock Q9550 HSF would be good to add on the E8500. Which is exactly what i'll do. Thanks for the help & quick replies. Cheers.
  5. No probs, I hope it all goes well for you.
  6. To be honest, if you're not overclocking, the stock Intel Q9550 HSF is fine (unless your room temperature is high). If you didn't need to buy an aftermarket fan for your E8500, you shoudln't have to for the Intel Q9550.
  7. It's fine with the stock if you have fairly normal ambient temps (~75F), reasonable case ventilation, and are not overclocking.
  8. Well I have the Antec Nine Hundred Case. The PC gets somewhat hot considering it's in a corner where I don't have that much room to touch it. So perhaps I can change the layout of my room so that it's not boxed in. It gets pretty hot in the summer but I will have an AC on my room window so I could always put the AC a little higher with my door shut.

    I don't overclock cause I don't have that much experience in doing so and I don't want to risk over heating it and damaging the processor.

    Regardless. I could try installing the cpu with the stock HSF and if temps get too hot I could just switch to the zalman.

    One last question... This is something i've never been good at doing. Installing thermal compound.

    Which is better, the Arctic Silver 5 or the OCZ Freeze ? And how much do I put on the cpu exactly ? If using stock HSF do I need to remove whatever substance is on the bottom of the HSF before applying other thermal compound ? That might seem like a dumb question but it's one I never really got an answer for.

    That pretty much sums it up for all my questions. You guys have been a big help! Thanks again.

  9. Instructions are supplied for both and you can find several guides on the Internet. The stock HSF comes with the right amount of thermal paste (and it's a good indication of how much is required). There are no reasons to replace it, unless you have to reinstall the HSF.
  10. Thank you. All I really needed to know :)
  11. Instead of starting a new thread I figured i'd just add something to this one. I installed the 9700 to my quad core and the temps are 10 degrees lower but I have a question for anyone who use the Zalman CNPS9700 LED... I don't have the FAN Mate thing installed (can't find it) and I can't seem to adjust the cpu fan. It's at a steady 2700rpm. My question is is that normal ? And if kept at that speed for an extended period of time can/will it do any harm ?

    It's in an antec nine hundred case. My mobo temp is basically still the same hovering between 36-40 degrees. I'm not too worried about it as I think it's always been up around that temp since I installed a raptor & Caviar Black.

    Thanks again, in advance for all the help. =)

  12. Ok so after doing a bit more research I figured out why I couldn't control the speed. I would need the FAN mate connector. So I will go ahead and get the CNPS9700 NT that comes with the 4 pin connector which supports the pwm through bios. I'll have to endure the noise and 2700rpm for a week I guess. =)
  13. robjr14 said:
    Yeah I guess the Stock Q9550 HSF would be good to add on the E8500. Which is exactly what i'll do. Thanks for the help & quick replies. Cheers.

    The two heatsinks are the same size. They have the "wimpy" reputation because they are about half the size of a first gen Core2 heatsink.
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