What would rock my 19' 1440x900

I want a card that will do all my games on high.
Id like to spend the least possible. My budget for the GPU is $160 though.

Will a 4850 do it? Or should I step it up to a GTX 260 or 4870?
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  1. 4850 is overkill. I say it'll work, but you will get a better frame for your buck with a 4830 or 9800 GT.
  2. I have an e7300@ 3.33 GHz , 2 gig of RAM , a 4850 and a 1440 x 900 19 inch monitor .

    Crysis runs on high settings at 35 fps which is very playable with no slow downs
  3. +1 for 4850...But I would wait for the ATI 4770 that will be releasing any time soon...
  4. for that res i would say a MX440
  5. I have Crysis running on mostly Very High at 1280x1024 with a 9800GTX.
    And UH with two in SLi.
  6. get a 4850/gts250 as minimum.
  7. Well I would back customisbetter, but the 4770 is just around the corner. I would wait and get a 4770.

    Just to be on the safe side here, what PSU do you have?
  8. rangers said:
    for that res i would say a MX440

    i usually hate your posts, but this one made me laugh. :kaola:
  9. <sarcasm>the MX440 is not a joke, it is a serious issue and there are some poor people (my friend) who think you can play on it.</sarcasm>
    but seriously wait for the 4770 and check it out, if it's not really worth it or you think you can spend some more get the 4850.
  10. ^+1 for waiting for the 4770

    The 4850 won't have a problem playing Crysis on High at that resolution, but if you want Very High then that's another matter. The 4770 will offer performance very close to the 4850 for less. If you have a crossfire board you can also always just add another one down the line for even more performance. If you only have a single slot and want to get the best GPU for it then look for a sale on a 4870, or 260 (preferably the sp 216). Right now this 4870 512MB comes in at 154.99 with a mail in rebate

    HIS Hightech H487FN512P

    Thanks to the launch of the 4890 and the announcement of the 275, I think the prices of 4870 1GBs and 260 sp 216s will be forced down a bit, if you're willing to wait for it anyway. If you want something today, then get that 4870, but I say just wait a little bit.
  11. im planning to get a 4870 for my 19' too, but my PSU is 500W only
  12. 9800 GT will be fine.
  13. *COUGH* 4770 *COUGH*
    Sorry, I have...uhh....allergies....... :D
  14. weind said:
    im planning to get a 4870 for my 19' too, but my PSU is 500W only

    That would work but no CF
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