Corsair H50 worth it for me?

Hi, I am currently running a Phenom 955 proc in a semi budget build.

Since I was trying to save money, I am using the stock heat sink (i know, I know) with AS5 replacing stock thermal pad.

Currently I have the CPU undervolted by -0.05v and have it at 3.4GHZ. With this and my Raid max Smilodon case, I typically run 33-34 idle and 45-50C while gaming.

Keeping my CPU undervolted and only slightly OCed seems like a waste of a black edition cpu, so I was thinking of going water for cooling (to also reduce the noise from the banshee that the stock cooler is).

How much more performance am I looking at gaining if I dont want my thermal going past what I have atm if I install the H50?
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    the h50 is a waste of money, there are better performing air cooler out there.

    For around 30 USD you can get a hyper 212. That will give you plenty of cooling for a moderate (around 25 to 30 percent) overclock.
  2. what about noise and clearance? and ease of installation?

    I want something that is a good deal quiter than my current fan.
  3. That does sound impressive, especially for the price, ty!
  4. yw
  5. Look into replacing your case. The Raidmax cases are known for their horrific cable management and airflow in general.

    All those 80mm fans they sprinkle around are useless.
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  7. If you're looking for higher overclocks, I can definitely recommend the NH-D14 from Noctua. Very good temps and sound levels when using this cooler.
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