Unable to manually control my CPUs fan speed ?

I just recently bought a Phenom II X4 955 BE which replaced my old AM2 X2 64 5400+ @ 2.8GHz, well I saw from what reviews I did see of that CPU alot of people complained about how loud the stock CPU heat sink fan was and that some reached up near 6000RPMs.
I've been trying to set my RPMs at a higher rate then what there at right now which is about 3400RPMs and I'd like to get it to 4500RPMs or so, as it is I can't hear it at all so if I'm able to increase the RPM to 4500 I'd like to. So far I have tried Speedfan and different settings in my bios and even AMD Overdrive and nothing had changed its RPMs my system specs are in my sig fyi. :P
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  1. in bios change :
    CPU Smart FAN Control [disabled]
    CPU Smart FAN Mode [PWM]
    System Smart FAN Control [disabled]
    or connect to fan controller
    I don't think you get more from stock cooler than 3500 rpm
  2. I have CPU Smart Fan Disabled already just not sure that my bios has the PWM option or I missed it if it does, I'll have another look for that specific option maby I missed it.

    Even if I cant change my fans RPM it still never lets my CPU get over 122F while at load (Mass Effect 2 & Crysis both on full settings). I do how ever plan on getting the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus with a push/pull setup using 2 Thermaltake blue LED 120mm fans as a replacement for the stock cooler later.
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