Which SSD should I buy

I just bought a computer and the last part I need is the SSD

I'm looking to spend around 100-200 dollars, and need at least 60 gb

I also saw the PCI-E ssd drive, is that any better?


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  1. I am not sure if all of the PCIE drives can be boot drives. The Sandforce controller is supposed to be good, so a drive with that controller won't be a "bad" choice, even if you could have picked something better.
    I am hoping for another price drop on SSDs soon, perhaps in another month, so I can get a 120GB drive for around $200.
  2. im buying a SSD tomorrow, so I just need to know what's my best choice right now
  3. pci-e can not be boot drives
  4. ok not going with pci
    any suggestions on drives?
  5. Intel X-25M 80GB. Love mine and will be picking up a 160GB here soon.
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