Crysis GPU benchmark HD 4850

See sig. for specs. I know I ought to OC the CPU, but look again at the mobo.

Here are my results.

TimeDemo Play Started , (Total Frames: 2000, Recorded Time: 111.86s)
!TimeDemo Run 0 Finished.
Play Time: 84.89s, Average FPS: 23.56
Min FPS: 11.74 at frame 144, Max FPS: 28.32 at frame 857
Average Tri/Sec: -10879456, Tri/Frame: -461753
Recorded/Played Tris ratio: -1.99

These are all Very High, 1440 x 900 no AA. I don't find any option for AF in the game (version 1.0)

Oh, and the GPU runs at 665/1038 as set by ATI Overdrive automatic overclock.

So is this okay? Or am I not getting as much FPS as I should?
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  1. try using DX 9 with Crysis it should help alot and set shadows to Med.

    Like zip said, Crysis is a benchmark and nothing else. I personally hated the bloody game, and much more preffer BIA, COD or possibly any game except stalker.
  2. Yeah, that's what the title says. Benchmark. Actually, I did not find a noticeable difference in picture quality between No AA and 8x AA. Also, how do I set AF for a particular application alone through Catalyst CC? In Ntune, you could set specific settings for each application.
  3. Will soon post CoD4 benchmarks.
  4. Here they are.

    This is the entire cargo ship mission. From when you jump off the heli to when you jump back on.

    2009-04-03 07:55:35 - iw3sp
    Frames: 41735 - Time: 496463ms - Avg: 84.064 - Min: 41 - Max: 195

    I think this is the next mission. Not sure.

    2009-04-03 11:10:59 - iw3sp
    Frames: 23051 - Time: 275448ms - Avg: 83.685 - Min: 55 - Max: 169

    These are the settings. I think it is maxed out.
  5. Download the Cuban Ultima Doom Arch Assassin Taowolf Sword's Custom Crysis Config [CCC] v2.21!

    aka the Ultra-High graphics mod config.

    There are 6 levels ranging from 1 (low) to 6 (ultra-ultra high).

    Set it to 4 and it actually equals or surpasses Crysis vanilla w/ very high settings while getting you the same fps as Crysis vanilla on high.

    I have it set to 5 on my rig with dual 9800gtxs, and it looks absolutely gorgeous.
  6. Quote:
    Rags, how do you run those framerate tests for COD4? Is it within the game, I cant seem to find anything.

    That's using Fraps. You click the start benchmark hotkey and then the stop. It measures the min., max., avg., frames, time, etc. By selecting a option, you can record the framerate for every secong you benchmark.

    Anyway, are my fps up to the mark?
  7. The difference between Fraps free and full is in free you can record only 30sec. videos and can only take screens in bmp format. no other difference.

    To benchmark, click the hotkey. nothing will happen. this is absolutely fine. the fps counter will turn green for a second and disappear. when you click the hotkey again, the fps counter will reappear will a no. in red. this is your avg. fps. it will immediately turn to display the normal fps. minimize the game. open your fraps installation directory. (c:\fraps) and there should be a file frapslog.txt in it you'll find your benchmark stats. for per second fps, installation dir/benchmark/exe file of game named excel file.

    Well, how are my cod4 benchmarks? good fps?
  8. Yes, yes, F11 is the default benchmarking hotkey. Start Fraps and minimize it. Now open whichever game you want to benchmark and start plating. If you want to benchmark between two points in a gmae, for eg., in a multiplayer round, press F11 when the round has just started and click it again when the round is just about to end. Now go to FRAPSLOG.txt for results. They don't have the game name, but the game's exe file as the title.
  9. Yeah, whatever. Click or press.
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