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I've just added a second 500gig HD to my Dell. It seems very slow. I've checked the bios and it says it's running raid mode.
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  1. i think you shouldnt go on the bios(for now). reinstall windows before that set up raid in your bios. it depends on your motherboard, the method. generally the controllers have their own UI, check up with dell
  2. Hello,

    Need to give the group more information about your computer model #, age, OS, RAM, new HDD and how you connected it, so everyone can think about your problem similarly and come up with the best solution.

    In general, if you have a new HDD you've connected to your computer, it needs to be initialized, the disk style set, partitioned, a file system chosen, and formatted. Possibly you initially chose "Dynamic" Disk instead of "Basic" Disk.

    Go to computer management, then disk management and look in the lower graphics area of the dialog box. You should see the new HDD (probably Disk 1) with either a partition already set or just unallocated space.

    Make sure you have chosen the new HDD to configure, NOT your system HDD). If there is nothing on the HDD yet, delete the partition (this deletes everything from the drive!), and choose Basic Disk (instead of Dynamic Disk which is for RAID), Partition the unallocated space into one large partition or one partition leaving some unallocated space toward the end. That will make it a Simple Volume all on this one HDD. Assign a designated Letter to the volume like E: or G:, and choose NTFS for the file syistem. Then fully Format it so it is ready to store data.
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