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buy a motherboard gigabyte GA-M57SLI-S4, a power source coolermaster extreme power plus 600w, and two video cards PNY 9600gt 512mb, my problem is that connecting the two cards I have problems with my computer will be the source or the motherboard?
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  1. Need more info.

    Provide system specs. Explain the issue you are having with some detail, like; what are you doing when the issue occurs, what exactly is the problem, any system messages, what do the error logs say, any BSoD's, are the 9600'sin SLI, what driver version, do you have the latest BIOS, lastest mobo chipset drivers, etc...
  2. because I have windows vista, the problem is that connecting the two cards, sometimes not turn on, turn on other session begins and when not, and when you log long time to perform the tasks, either an open game, open a page, any action, and therefore everything is installed with the original cd driver, with one card works perfectly
  3. in the manual of the cards say they need a power of 450 W with a current of 26 but have not found a source of power that takes 26 to
  4. need a source of more watts, it will not be the same story with the amp? Or is the motherboard that does not support the two cards? someone help me?
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