Question on ATIx2 cards and the GTX295

These are not single GPU cards, so does that mean they function the same as 2 cards in SLI or Crossfire, meaning games that don't support SLI or Crossfire won't fully support an ATIx2 or 295 card?

Can you crossfire an ATIx2 card?

With a 4850x2 at ~$260, why would you buy a 4890 or 275, or even a 285?

I'm really trying to decide on a card to buy and game in 1080p on an HDTV and I'm getting too impatient to wait for a few more weeks to see what might happen with video cards and prices.
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  1. First, they do work just like CF/SLI. They'll work just fine on all games, but in games that don't support CF/SLI, they won't perform any better than the single GPU counterparts.

    Second, you can CF or SLI the x2, though it is debatable where the point of diminishing returns is - certainly the scaling isn't as good going from 2 to 4 GPUs as it was from 1 to 2.
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