4850 or 4870

obviously 4870 is better, but i was wondering if its worth the near $80 price increase over the 4850.I can get a open box 4850 for around $100, but a open box 4870 is $180, though im seen them for $170 too.Is the 4870 worth near double the price of the 4850?
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  1. You should be able to get a 4870 512 for ~$150 or so, and that's not even open box. As for worth it? What resolution do you play at?
  2. I play at like 10??X8?? (the question marks being for numbers i dont know), my moniter is very old.Also can i get a link to this $150 4870.
  3. Well like cjl said, at what resolutions you play at, will give a better picture of which card would suit you best...
  4. Well for that resolution, the 4850 is the best option...It can handle even higher resolutions than that...
    But think twice before going for a open box...read the open-box policies properly before buying...
  5. I might get a new moniter in the future, so i dont want to regret buying a lesser gpu.anyway can i get a link to that 4870?

    also my current gpu is a geforce7300le
  6. the link wont load for me.what is it?
  7. Hmm...that site had a $174 4870 with $15 in rebates, whcih brings the price down to $159...
  8. Wow, that's a really low resolution.....

    Even a Radeon 3850 would run well in that resolution....

    I'd suggest a minimum of 1680x1050 with the Radeon 4850..... So get a new monitor first.
  9. So now theres a minimum resolution for high end cards? I dont think so.
  10. They are saying it is not worth the money if you are not using at leats 1680x1050. You would be getting the same performance with a cheaper card. The card does not differentiate itself until it hits a certain resolution.
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