Need help with gpu and psu

i have a ulra ls600 600watt psu right now but i dont think it can handle my phenom 2 710 at 3.4ghz plus my hd 4870 at stock clocks and my 2 hard drives...everytime i play gta at this specs it gives me bsod or restarts...what would be a good psu to run my specs..any help?
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  1. Get the Antec EA500 or the corsair 450W and above....Those can easily handle your setup...
  2. Just with GTA ?
    What spec is that PSU i cant find it googling. Amps/Watts on the +12v Rail/s if you know it. Also does it have the 2 Pcie power cables native or are you using the adaptor ?

  3. Your psu is cutting it close with only 32 amps on the 12v.

    Don't get the rosewill.

    This corsair is much better and is more than enough for your setup with 52amps on the 12v.

    Corsair 650.
  4. thanks alot guys
  5. how many amps does a phenom 710 use?
  6. I don't know how many amps. It uses 95watts.

    Read this to do your calculation

    The problem with your current psu is it only has 32 amps on the 12 volt rail and the 4870 recommended power supply minimum for the 4870 is 32 amps on the 12v rail. It will work on your current psu but it will be maxing it out which will almost guarantee that it fails.
  7. ok koo..thanks..i will get the 750 corsair..cus i overclock the cpu to 3.6 but locks up all the time..
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