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Suggestions please.

I have a tele downstairs in the living room with DSL router next to it. I also have static IPs. What I was looking for is to build a PC with 1TB HDD and connect it to the router so I can access it from other PCs upstairs through wireless to store files and watch videos from the other PCs or the tele which will be connected to the PC directly.

However, I dont want the media centre PC to be on all the time and since I have mobility issues, I was thinking of Wakeup-on-Lan. For this, I assume the PC can be switched off but the mains should be left on.

Has anyone got any better suggestions at all please? Any ideas would be hghly appreciated.
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  1. Sure, the sleep feature on modern boards works fairly well, and wake-on-LAN does as well.

    I do think Intel chipsets are a bit better than AMD for this, but if someone has a different opinion or more experience speak up.

    Otherwise, I'll suggest a G45 chipset and a conservative dual core CPU:
    ASUS P5Q-VM LGA 775 Intel G45 Micro ATX
    Kingston 2X1GB 800Mhz RAM
    Antec case with quality 380W PSU
  2. To clarify, you'll simply have the HTPC set to sleep after an hour of inactivity. At that point the PC will completely shut down, except for the 5V line that is always on. When you wake it, it will come on pretty much instantly, without needing to boot.

    The motherboard comes with all the graphics power you will need to watch movies.
  3. I've never actually used WOL myself. I watched a lab at school that used it, all the computers turned themselves on at 8am. (should have been 7:55, that way there are usable when the lab opened...)

    I would consider getting a NAS box. This is something that plugs into the router, and allows all computers on the network to use them. The HTPC can then be turned off/on as needed. I've also seen some routers that have USB ports on them to plug in external drives that way.
  4. "I've also seen some routers that have USB ports on them to plug in external drives that way. " - This sounds great.

    My only problem is, as I am unable to move around to often, I would like some kind of way to turn the NAS/Media centre on & off when needed. This is the main reason I was looking at Wake-on-LAN.
  5. I would consider add the harddrive space to a current computer, and buying a xbox360 and share the media to the xbox
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