Asus X58 Sabertooth?

I was wondering if any one knows anything about the ASUS Sabertooth X58 LGA 1366 Intel X58 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard? My LGA 775 motherboard decied not to boot any more and if I can't get it fixed I'm thinking of going with the Cheapest x58 motherboard that money can buy and get a decent Over clock as well. I like Asus as my last few boards has been all asus. My first board with Asus was an AMD board. It was based on the 790FX chipset. Then I wanted a lan party computer. My original board for this computer died and I bought the Asus P5N7A-VM Nvidia Nforce 730i LGA 775. Now it is home to my Q9650 which originally was on my favorit board. The P5Q-Pro Intel P45 board was a winner. I was able to take my Q9650 to 4GHz and ran stable other than CoD. So I decied to go with 3.8GHz as I did not want to increase voltages any more. It ran at 3.8GHz for about 3 months before my Heatsink's fan died. So I ended up back with stock cooling.

Sorry about the experence I have had because I love Asus as they stick with their product for a long time.

So what can I expect out of ASUS Sabertooth X58 motherboard?
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  1. I won't be so concerned about the motherboard. Basically any X58 motherboard should be able to overclock to 4Ghz as long you have sufficient cooling and the chip is good enough.

    You should get an i7 950, its practically the same price as the i7 930 because intel phased it out.

    Just to confirm. You do know that a LGA 1366 motherboard won't take DDR2 memory or you Q9650 processor. It only takes an i7 900 series CPU and DDR3 memory.
  2. I do know that. I'm going to rma my P5Q-pro. and my Q9650 now has a new home in my lan party pc.
  3. Don't know if it means much, as the thread is old, but I've managed to get 3780mhz (180x21) on my Sabertooth board, using a 920 C0 CPU. Every time I try higher, it won't post, no matter what combination I've yet tried in the BIOS. Right now, its been the lowest clocking of the ASUS boards that I have, and the lowest clocking of all 5 i7 boards that I have. I'm not complaining too much, as it was a cheap board, but if higher clocks are wanted, even my Gigabyte U3DR boards have clocked my 920 chips over 4.0ghz without any trouble other than heating of the chip.
  4. Sailor, I have a i7920 OEM proc that I am moving over to a brand new case with a X58 Sabertooth MB, and a CM Hyper 212 plus cpu cooler. What do you think I might be able to get that processor up to? The case has awesome cooling capabilities, its a CM Storm Scout. Any suggestions? What kind of ram are you using. I know that could be a killer for me. Its all matched DDR3 1066, but alas it its from Dell system, which is where the 920 proc is coming from. I am installing a EVGA GTX560 Ti 2GB DDR 5 card on monday. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks
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