Heat spreader / heatsink?

Well, again, upon building the new computer, I'm looking for parts with confusion.

Memory Heatsinks / Heatspreaders. What ever you wanna call them... are they necessary?

Where I'm buying the computer, my choice is landing on OCZ memory. I don't remember hearing bad things about OCZ, so that's a choice. But as far as the Platinum or Reaper series, the only difference seems to be the heatsinks.

DDR3 memory, same timing, same 4GB dual channel, same price here. So should I really care about the heatsink on them? Reaper has a heatpipe type heatsink, Platinum has the perforated heatspreader. Will the heatpipes really take away heat and does DDR3 really heat up that much that it requires a heatsink?
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  1. It sounds like you plan to overclock your system since you are looking at high speed memory. Heatsinks are in general more of a marketing tool than a necessity.
    It would help to know what you are planning to build in order to comment on what will or won't work well.
  2. What temperature will RAM get to? We can understand a heatsink on a chip like a CPU because it would run way over 70*C and burn itself, but RAM? Will it go at 50*C even? Chips have no problem running at 50 degrees Celsius.

    And yes, I do plan on overclocking my computer, but not to insane numbers. At the prices the AMD Black Edition are selling for, why not? :)
  3. If you really want, get one of the RAM coolers that are sold nowadays...somewhere around $30 and you get fans right on the RAM.
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