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Okay, so, very likely its because it's almost 3am here, and finishing up putting together my computer. Got parts earlier today, and was extremely excited.

Can't find a place that actually tells you HOW to SLI your cards. Currently have 2 GTX 260's. Can see the little slot that says SLI on it, but mot seeing anything with it anything with that. ?

Ionno. Help me out guys. thanks. lol
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  1. read the mobo instructions. If it has Sli it has instructions.
  2. 1) Assemble system
    2) Look in the motherboard box for the SLI bridge
    3) Use the SLI bridge to connect the two GTX 260s
    4) Install Windows and the latest Forceware Drivers

  3. they are right.

    If its an old mobo, maybe there is something to do directly on the mobo, like flipping a bridge. Newest only need you to install card and have fun ;)
  4. We'll ill tell you what i had to do to get my sli to work on my i7 build with my 280 HC16's.

    - First step Uninstall all drivers and files (where you zipped the nvidia files).
    - Shut down
    - Before starting up unplug the sli bridge. to make sure i unplug my 2nd videocard.
    - Than Turn on & reinstall the drivers.
    - Shut down.
    - Replug in the sli bridge and power.
    - Turn on. Once it's loaded right click > Nivida preferences and select advanced. It should have Sli option in the left hand Conner under phyx's
  5. Fresh system. Haven't even turned it on yet to be honest. PSU brand new seems to be broken. >.<
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