Overclocking for the First time.

Hello, Dogman_1234 here.

I have bough new part to overclock. Before I build my future FSX rig,( with an AMD Phenom II 1090t), i wanted to learn to overclock a CPU. I have these parts

Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.93 GHz "Wolfdale" CPU
XFX ATI 4350
Crucial 2 GB DDR3 Single Channel 1066MHz
300 watt max PSU
ASUS P5G41C-M LGA 775 motherboard
HP 2009m HD monitor.

I wish for professional overclockers to help me guide along the way to overclok. I would appreciate it.

I will post every step of the overclock and if any BSOD occur.

Thank You.
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  1. Well, you're first going to need to go thru these and then send results so as to be debated on
    Check this out...
  2. Hi.

    1- U need the correct components that mobo only works with DDR2 RAM not DDR3 and not all the Dual cores can works with DDR3.
    2- Start with the FSB but slow down the RAM speed of u will get a lot of BSoD
  3. Here is the deal. I got to 301 FSB @ a rating or 6:CMOS before I blue screened. I need to know what the average voltage is before I advance. i wounder if the BSOD is a cause of the firmware not responding,( the BSOD, anyone). Approximately running 1806 MHz @ 1% to 3336 MHz @ 89% load.
  4. Just up the voltage slowly, dont forget to drop the RAM multiplier. If you are running an E7500 I have one of those CPU's running at 4Ghz on air.

    Memory Multi 2.50 (lowest possible)
    DDR2-800 running at 925 @ 2.0 V (From 1.8)
    FSB +0.3V (havent tweaked it)
    CPU 1.4375 (This motherboard I have (GA-P35-DS3L) has a horrible vDroop reports in CPU-Z as 1.36 - 1.376. I could tweak it some more.
  5. Sweet. I will check with ASUS if they could help :P

    I don' thin AUTO is an option anymore.
  6. dogman, is your CPU the E6500 or the E7500? Either way, you have a 266 MHz FSB frequency. The limiting factor is going to be your motherboard. The G41, being an economy chip, has an upper FSB limit of about 350 MHz.

    My two cheapy systems:
    GA-EP35-DS3P | E7500 OC'd to 4.1 GHz (373 MHz X 11)
    GA-G41M-ES2L | E6500 OC'd to 3.66 GHz (333 MHz X 11)
    On my G41 board, the FSB will not go higher than 345 MHz.

    Snipergod, what you are seeing may be vdroop. Or it may simply be the result of errors in the motherboard power regulator. Vdroop will be more pronounced under load. That's how you can tell.
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