Going insane!!! ><

Hello all,

I have been going insane with this new build. This began with an old system that would not run. Through the course of me trying to get one system to run, I have replace ALL, I repeat, ALL hardware. The newly purchased parts are as follows;


Antec 650 watt atx X12v v2.2

Pioneer 20x dvd/cd IDE

ruby orb cpu fan

xfx 750i sli mobo

western digital 1tb hardrive sata

intel care2 quad 2.5

acer 19 in widescreen monitor

new keyboard/mouse

The problem I have been having is that the pc will freeze while booting windows. Or it will load windows and freeze within 2 minutes. The screen freezes, mouse won't move, system just stops. Keyboard doesn't respond, so forces me to maunally shut off power.

I have formated and reinstalled windows xp home and professional 4 times, so reinstalling os is not a solution.

I have manually set the voltage and timing of the ram to the correct settings, no dice.

*Important (I think)* tried different hardrive, same exact freezing problem

tried different ram, same problem

reseated everything multiple times

tried different GPU, same problem

tried different IDE and SATA cables

Here is what I am now down to. I feel like it is somehow related to the motherboard being in the case. Whenever I take all the parts out and put it ALL together on the bench, it works perfectly. No freezes. The I will put everything in the case with the same connections, it may not freeze for a little while (hour or so), but then will have the same problem. Is it possibly shorting out on the motherboard? I assume that if this were the case, it would shut off completely or not turn on. I see no damage on the board. All I know is that it works fine outside the case with all my hardware, and has no freezing issue. So this makes me think that it is not hardware, not software, but something about being in the case that messes things up. I have tried 2 different cases. and it reacts the same way to both. Please please please any suggestions would be appreciated. I have tried for like 3 weeks to get this system running by myself out of pride, but am just a broken man atm lol. Thanks a lot!
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  1. Sounds like a possible heat problem. What are your idle and load CPU & GPU temps?

    Have you run memtest86+ overnight to test for RAM errors?
  2. CPU is at 18C in BIOS and GPU was always at around 70 if I recall correctly. Can't really chaeck gpu temp, as pc always freezes. Also can't run memtest or anything because it freezes. I simply cant run windows due to freezing very soon after boot up.
  3. also worth noting that I can run BIOS indefinitely it seems. Problem always occurs while booting/startup of windows. however have no problems loading windows ect outside the case
  4. an interesting find while combing my bios, on the same screen where I set my RAM voltage to 2.0V it says that my CPU Voltage is 0.000V. the help menu on the side says; minimum: by CPU default
    Max: 0.3000V

    perhaps motherboard is not properly powering the cpu? I am no expert when it comes to voltage lol.
  5. I agree that nothing is probably shorting-out. If it works fine not in case but locks-up in case, then maybe the case is restricting air-flow causing it to overheat. If that's the cause, then your cooling is borderline and you should re-set the CPU fan and use good thermal compound.
  6. Ok, I will look into that. I am somwhat new to this, but all my other overheating issues seemed to result in the system shutting down completely, not freezing the screen. Is freezing also a normal sign of overheating?
  7. You can still run memtest86+ if Window's won't run. Memtest is it's own little OS and runs separate from Windows. Have you checked to make sure your CPU is supported by your motherboard/BIOS revision? It almost looks like the motherboard doesn't recognize the CPU correctly. What CPU are you running? Both the Q8300 and Q9300 are 2.5GHz CPU's. I would bet you need a BIOS update.
  8. Did you plug in the 4 pin cpu power connector to the MB?


    C2D E8500 STOCK
    2X2GIG DDR2 1066 IN DC MODE
    EVGA GTX 260
    LG 24IN WS LCD 1920X1080
    250GIG HD/500GIG HD
  9. Dahak said:
    Did you plug in the 4 pin cpu power connector to the MB?


    The system wouldn't post at all without the CPU power connector plugged in.
  10. Possibly a crack in the motherboard? If it's working properly on the bench there's no reason it shouldn't work in the case (obviously!)....unless the mobo screws when it in the case are slightly stressing the mobo and opening up a crack in the circuits.

    Easy to check though - get the pc booted up on the bench, then very very gently press down on a couple of areas on the mobo (e.g. on the CPU heatsink, NB heatsink etc) If it freezes the PC then ur mobo's a duff.
  11. Did you install standoffs between the motherboard and case? Are there any extra standoffs installed that don't line up with a hole in the motherboard?
  12. All standoffs are installed and have a hole on the mobo (where's my prize? :P) and i tried pressing and jarring the mobo on the bench and it was fine. However, I put it in the case, opened the side panle, and have been blowing a tower fan in on it and it has not frozen once. Must have been overheating. I thought pc's always just shut down when over heating lol. Now I know I guess. No idea how I'm going to properly cool it however. Guess it is a fairly hefty system
  13. Glad you've got it working. Something still sounds a bit off though.
    Just booting in to Windows shouldn't cause an overheat, no matter what case you've got!
    What TIM are you using on the CPU cooler? Also what are your CPU Vcore, NB Vcore and SB Vcore in BIOS?
  14. I have pretty generic thermal compound on the cpu.
    VTT FSB Voltage : 1.200
    NB voltage: 1.24
    SB core power 1.50

    It was running fine with the fan going on it. It just froze once, and that was when I ran dxdiag on it while I was downloading something. Would really love to not have to tip toe around my pc :P Thanks for any advice!
  15. maybe it's time to buy a new case with side vents. which case r u currently using?
  16. Quote:
    CPU Voltage is 0.000V. the help menu on the side says; minimum: by CPU default
    Max: 0.3000V

    Voltages seem fine, not enough to cause an overheat anyway. Did you manage to get a CPU Vcore voltage?

    Have you tried shortstuff_mt's suggestion of a BIOS update? What is you current BIOS revision?

    Another thing you could try is to install Everest (or a similar) and enable logging. Make sure all available channels are selected. If it is an overheating issue, it will show up on the log file and you can nail exactly where it's coming from.
    It will also log voltages as well, although because the data capture frequency isn't exceptionally high, a one time short power drop / spike may not show up. Anyway, it should enable you to confirm if it's an overheating problem.
  17. I ahven't updated BIOS as I am afraid to flash bios lol. I have an xfx 750i mobo, and I cannot find their specific instructions for flashing. although I could find the flash utility and .bin file.

    My pc isn't freezing while doing normal things like surfing the net etc, but I just installed team fortress 2 to test it out, and it freezes within minutes in game. GPU temp is at a cool 50 normally, so definately not overheating. I'm still, as the title states, going insane! ><;
  18. everest said BIOS was from 12/17/08. pretty recent imo. It did however not recognize my motherboard
  19. wats the temp of the chipset? nv chipsets usually run a bit hot.
  20. there is no onboard chipset if that is what I think you are asking
  21. may have found something. everest says that the CPU is running around 1000mhz on the FSB. The intel specs say it should be running 1333mhz on the FSB. It IS set to 1333mhz in BIOS however. Problem? any solutions?
  22. That's odd lol Where in Everest are you seeing the FSB freq?

    Have you got CPU-Z installed? If so, what is it reporting for FSB?
  23. I found it in the overclock section of everest :P Downloaded CPU-Z and it said that the FSB was at the correct 1333mhz. Still insane >< got a freeze just on the internet once
  24. I had a similar problem a few years ago, I replaced everything and the computer still exhibited the same problem the only thing that was the same was the case. However when I took everything out of the case and ran it on my workbench the computer worked fine. The problem turned out to be the power to the computer was different to that on my workbench. The computer in its normal location was being supplied via a long wound up on the real extension cable. Replacing the extension cable sorted out the problem.
  25. Chances are that Everest is having as bad a day as you are and is misreporting FSB.

    How many temp readouts does it give in the sensor list?
  26. Interesting thing. CPU-Z is also saying that my dram freq is 400mhz. I know for a fact that my ram is 800mhz, and is set for that in bios. I also set timing to 5-5-5-15, and according to CPU-Z, for 400mhz it should be at 6-6-6-18. it is kingston pc2-6400 ram btw.

    everest sensor showed GPU, GPU ambient, and the HDD.
  27. CPU Vcore is at 1.224v btw
  28. ok, so that's a bit more info.....

    What is CPU-Z reporting for following:

    FSB:RAM ratio (Suspect you're on 3:5 or similar)
    Bus Speed
    Rated Bus Speed (should be 4x bus speed)
    Core Speed

    CPU Vcore at 1.224 is absolutely fine.

    Have you got logging options on Everest? (File Menu, Preferences)
  29. Download Realtemp (http://www.techpowerup.com/downloads/SysInfo/Real_Temp/) and install.

    Set up logging options and run the PC til it crashes. Have a look at the max temps afterwards.

    At this point I'm seriously doubting that it's a thermal issue!
  30. FSB: RAM ratio = 5:6
    Bus speed= 333 mhz
    rated = fsb 1333mhz
    core speed2500mhz

    I can run an everest report, but there are no logging options on what I downloaded (home edition?)
  31. real temp has all cores at 29-35 degrees thermal status ok on all
  32. Ok, just as an experiment (and i suspect I'm drifting away from the 'real' problem here):

    Set your bus speed to 400MHz and the relevant Strap to get a 1:1 FSB:RAM (i.e. 800MHz RAM).

    This will give you a 1600MHz Rated FSB which should be well within the limits of your system without voltage increases.

    Finally, drop your CPU multiplier so that the multiplier value x FSB = something close to 2500MHz (it won't matter if it's a little up or down from 2500MHz).

    Boot the PC and see if it crashes.
  33. it might only be certain editions of everest that have logging options. pity.

    As a matter of interest, have you looked at the XP Event Viewer to see if it has recorded anything?
  34. Just found out it's only the Ultimate edition that can do logging. Probs worth downloading and installing (trial version).

  35. I did the logging, didn't seem to catch anything to out of place. a lot of 7023's. I'm unsure as to how to go about doing what you told me, seems a bit beyond me. think I'm just gonna have take it to the shop, maybe a professional can fix it. Worst building experience ever. My very first build went so much more smoothly lol. Thanks a lot for all of your help though. Looks like I have a doosey
  36. Aye. My bet is that the mobo's a duff. Good luck though.
  37. wait, you said that your ram is rated to run at 6-6-6-18 at 400Mhz (ddr2 800) and your timings are set to 5-5-5-15, i would try to reset the timings back to 6-6-6-18 before you take it into a shop.
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