Screen goes blank after about 15 mins of gameplay...

screen goes blank after about 15 mins of gameplay...

It doesnt turn off but it just goes all black and has the little white box with black letters saying "monitor going to sleep now" and that only usually happens if theres no signal going to the monitor. and right as the monitor goes blank also, the graphics card fan is audible when it usually is not.

Is it overheating? I cant find a program that will read its temp sensor.

edit: I did figure out that if i unplug the 6-pin power supply from the card, I am able to run the games for as long as I please.

ok heres my specs

Windows 7 build 7057

Games with the symptom: War Rock, Combat Arms

evga Nvidia geforce 9600

pentium d 930 3.0ghz

4gb ddr2 667
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  1. Wow that is weird it seems the card dosent need the extra power cable to run. Can you check the clocks to see if its down clocking itself ?
    From what you are saying im guessing that your Power supply isnt up to running the card at full draw and the card is overheating trying to pull power that isnt there and so shutting down.
    Thats why im also guessing its down clocking itself or you would be getting a bleep from it saying its under powered.
    Whats your PSU specs and how old is it ?

  2. I figured out a while back that you could run the cards without it proprietary power supply cable. I guess all it does is underclocks itself and runs off of the pci-express current. Im downloading ntune right now to see if I can get a clock for ya. I believe the power supply is a 350W and not older than 2006 im guessing.... I does support the 25A on the 12v line that it needs. I think theres 13A per rail and theres 4 rails. so i just have a 6-pin y-adapter with molex on the other ends and 2 of my for rails run directly to the card.

    Hold the phone....... I just opened up my case two make sure that those two lines were running directly to the card and nothing else....... of them was unplugged from the power supply......

    ....just pliugged it back in, now im gonna shutdown and plug the y-adapter back into the card and see what happens, it sounds like you were right on the money...
  3. Try Rivatuner, it`ll tell you plenty of information, just remember most cards downclock in 2D (desktop, surfing etc).
    Agree with Mactronix though, it sounds more like a PSU problem than one with the card, if you have one, try using molex-PCI-E adaptor to power the card.
  4. I do and ive been using it, its just that on of the molex connectors came undone and I put it back in there and it runs fine now, thanks
  5. Good to know you have it sorted now :bounce:

  6. Interesting. I thought most GPUs would scream if their aux power was disconnected.
    What brand and model of PSU do you have? To be 350W but have four +12V rails sounds odd as well.
  7. Guys . I am having the same problem except the monitor is going blank and the gpu fan speed to full at random points at desktop , games , and even during bios settings page . i have a cooler master 500 w 6pin molex conector for my xfx geforce 9600 gt 512 mb gddr3 card . any suggestion of how to solve this problem
  8. My first suggestion would be to start your own thread, rather than hijacking a dead six-month old one.
  9. Thank you Will Do that .
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