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I'm looking at getting a NAS/wireless HD to store/stream music, videos etc between a PS3, 360 an PC. Ive currently looked at the Synology CS407e, Buffalos linkstation and WD's myworld book. I'm after something that can stream/transfer at a good speed. Does anyone use any of the above for what ive mentioned? or is there any other device thats better?

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  1. I've got a Linkstation Pro Duo 2 (the older model), which gets me 500GB in a RAID1, and it is great. Read quite a few user reviews stating they have had issues with these, but I have yet to experience any problems.

    They have gigabit ethernet, USB print server, AD support, DLNA support, everything I was looking for, and a very affordable price tag in comparison to some others out there. Also, with the RAID 1 setup (can also do RAID0), I have some much needed redundancy. Lastly, the new model has uTorrent built in, if that is something you are in to.

    Mine -

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