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Ok so i installed the windows 7 RC, I rather enjoy it. But like many have found out that running 2 gb's of memory and playing games like World of Warcraft. make for a terribad gaming experience. Due to limited resources atm, and limited knowledge of how things work in the memory world. I understand that you should not mix ram. However I am out of options. Primarily because, since moving I cant find my windows xp disc to reinstall it. So I'm stuck. What I have is.......

With an X2 6000 AMD

What I have laying around for a temporary solution is....

However what I don't understand is the voltage, I have yet to be able to find the ram on g.skill that rates so high in voltage. And if it is correct, I misused that ram for years.

Either way, it's the only option I have currently (stupid recession). Is there anyway to make this work. And be stable?
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  1. bump for bikini's
  2. the amount af ram you have wont affect the 7 is much lighter than vista .i have 2 gbs in my system and i can playthat game perfectly fine .might wanna check your video card. ofcourse winxp is the lightest
  3. woah, don't try to put that other ram into the motherboard
    that is DDR ram not DDR2, thats why the voltages are higher

    there is not way to get that DDR ram to work in the motherboard
  4. Ya I wasn't going to put it in. Was just curious. As for windows 7 being much lighter. i'm not sure what you are seeing Ron. Running wow with the same specific addons and setup as previously. I'm using 70-90% memory usage. So it's not the video, or I would of had the same problems I have now previously. Which I did not.
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