What is the range of Linksys wireless N dual band router

I am thinking about installing a wireless net work into our house. My computer is fairly far away from where i would be able to put the router, around 100 feet through several walls. Is this close enough? If it is not is there a way to extend the range? I was thinking of getting a linksys wireless N dual band router. Also I am not sure what adapter would go well with the router in terms of range and connectivity. Any suggestions are great.(pci or usb is fine)
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    use this adapter it works great with that router!
  2. i have a linksys dual band router and this usb stick !works nicely!
  3. If I want to connect the network to an xbox 360 for live do I need another adapter for that or is it built in?
  4. there is a network adapter made for the xbox!you have to buy it!
  5. thanks for the help :)
  6. no problem!please vote me best answer!
    happy holidays!
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