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Okay so heres the deal, the other day my 8400gs burnt out, i thought i had fried my entire system, until i saw that the back of the card started to melt a little... anyway, im currently running onboard ati 1250 graphics ~ my question is, is there any possibility that i fried my pci express slot? becasue yesterday my 9600gt arrived and im afraid to put it in incase it might destroy it -_-"

if it helps i have been using my 8400 on the same clocks for about a year now and no problems at all...

I'm really sorry for the lack of detail as the onboard 1250 seems to overheat and i cant be on my pc too long before everything locks up

btw i will be swapping out my 350w psu for a 750 when and if i put my new 9600 in here...

any info will be much appreciated

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  1. You really don't need 750W for a 9600GT. I'm running a 4850 with a VX450. Anyway, if you have an older card, try that in the slot. Otherwise, just try the 9600GT. Doesn't sound like your PCI-E burnt.
  2. +1 rags

    9600GT or 4670
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