Im looking for a cooler to fit my case any suggestions?

as stated for the topic im lookin for a cooler someone previously mentioned to me before a Hyper 212 plus from what i have seen this thing is very huge and i think it would have some clearance issues also looking for suggestions i was looking at a tuniq tower 120 extreme before the hyper 212 plus

Case: Raidmax Smilodon top mounted psu - 520.7mm(L) x 178.2mm(W) x 450.85mm(H) with the 80mm fan that right on the side window

520.7mm(L) x 203.2mm(W) x 450.85mm(H) without the 80mm fan in the window

Mobo: XFX MB-N780-ISH9 LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 780i SLI it is a 12 x 9.6 board

Ram: Mushkin Enhanced Silverline 2GB (2 x 1GB)

any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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  1. -_- I don't think from Hyper 212+ to Tuniq Tower 120 extreme is a good thought process. The Tuniq tower extreme is taller and larger than the Hyper 212+ so don't expect it to fit. The Hyper 212+ isn't HUGE it has been proven that it fits in almost ALL mid tower cases. Yours is the dimensions of 178.2mm the Hyper 212+ from the heatpipes to the top is only 158mm it'll fit with room to spare.

    Take off that 80mm and even more room to spare.

    If you want proof of the performance here's a review:
  2. thx i was looking for a chart with the measurements of the hyper 212+ and the 80mm fan will come off since it wouldnt be needed since right now it blows onto the stock cooler i have and i was looking at the tuniq before the hyper 212+ that someone mentioned and i was using youtube to see what it looks like in certian cases closly related to mine and looked like a really tight fit
  3. Oh well don't worry, different people get different results. Tight fit or not, it'll fit. Plus you'll be getting exceptional performance. I'm using the V8 in my 902, clears the side panel window by less that an inch XD but it's still running great.
  4. Her are the dimensions of the Hyper212+
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    The Hyper 212+ is the better choice, it will perform just as good if not better than the Tuniq and it is half the price.
  6. thx i just wish it wasnt so....plain looking lol
  7. It may be plain but the Hyper212+ is the best and most recommended budget cooler out and it performs great. If you want to dress it up a little just throw in a couple of LED fans.
  8. The Hyper 212+ is plain but if you do feel that it is TOO plain. I'd recommend using LED fans. Such as some Cooler Master R4's or any Xigmatek fan really. Of course, you could tell us your budget, then we could find a better cooler that further fits your budget.
  9. Actually the Tuniq Extreme is shorter then a 212+ height wise.
    131(L) × 112.31(W) × 150.7(H) mm
    Although it's longer and wider it also has very good base height 47mm.
    About the most you can get and allows for ram under 47mm to fit no problem.
    Popular ram like Ripjaws and Mushkin Enhanced will fit easily.
  10. around 75$ is my limit for a cooler cause i already purchased a gtx460 to replace my gt220(huge jump for me as ya can see)

    EDIT: plus the mail in rebates
  11. Wow At 75$ You could get the Thermaltake Frio ($58 US), or the Venomous X (X-RT) - 65$ US, or the Noctua NH-U12P SE2 (about $70ish). (The Frio is the tallest at 165mm, Venomous is 158mm and so is the Noctua.)

    Review Frio:
    Review Venomous X:
    Review NH-U12P SE2:
  12. I still like the Megahalems over any of the above cooler but that is just my opinion, but they are all great coolers and like I said they all perform similarly in temp.
  13. i went with the hyper 212+
  14. Zeroterm120 is the best
  15. xaigeta said:
    i went with the hyper 212+

    Good choice. [:bohleyk:1]
  16. Best answer selected by xaigeta.
  17. Thanks for the BA and good luck. [:bohleyk:1]
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