P45X3 Dlxe // DDR3 vs. EP45-UD3P // DDR2

Hey, Neweggs having a sale of like $60.99 for 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1333 -- to use this I would get an ASRock P45X3 at $100.

I already have G.Skill (2x1GB), but no motherboard. I had planned on getting a P45-UD3P for this.

I have an E8400.

Does anyone know anything about the P45X3? It only has one review on Newegg and it was at 5 stars:

"Cons: The board took a while to set up, after I plugged everythng in, it booted up and powercycled about 24 times before it was stable (had to pull 2 of 3 ram sticks out just to get it to the BIOS before I could put them back in. The positions of the SATA ports are quite ackward, since it gives very little room to plug in."

If I get the X3 /ddr3 setup, I think it'll be quite a bit cheaper unless I have to RMA something [100 vs 130 plus shipping and the extra memory that comes with the ddr3 deal vs 2gb I have now].

Is anyone against the P45X3 and DDR3 setup?

Thanks for the quick response.
Bless you.
Ian Boyd.
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  1. My only point here is that ddr3 gives you no advantage on that platform, so I wouldnt stress too much over getting ddr3 mobo because theres a sale on ddr3 memory. Also I suspect that memory on sale is probably rated at more than 1.6v so in future you wont use it when you upgrade to i7 or something. I dont know anything about the p45X3 but im certain that P45-UD3P9(or UD3R - even cheaper) combined with something like http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820220334 wont be any worse. And you can always sell your g.skills
  2. I am another who believes that DDR3 is pretty much wasted on any Core2 platform.
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