295 GTX no blue light, no fan spin, black screen

I got an AWESOME problem, story is:

I bought a 295 GTX point of view, installed it on a P5N32-E SLI with 4 GB DDR2 800MHz, Intel Q6600 and a 850W Thermaltake PSU.
At first I put the 295 on the PCIX No. 1. As result when I started the computer I got only the green light (no blue nor red). The fan didn't started
and nothing on the screen. Rest of hardware seems to run perfectly.
Then I tried it on the second PCIX. There, everything OK, the GPU runs correctly and I had great fun until I decided to buy the XFX 790I SLI ULTRA mobo
with 2x2GB DDR3 1333 MHz.

I installed everything and then, bingo, same problem as the first time. Only green light, when I start the computer the fan does not turn on (so I suppose the whole GPU isn't starting since there is no blue light). I tried it on the other 2 PCIX and it still don't work, I tried every combination of pins, the two PCIE directly from the PSU, the other two
extensible, one of each, etc. Still nothing. I tried the GPU on an other computer and it works perfectly. I tried with only one memory module and another PSU and nothing.
Still black screen and no fan spin with only green light. I tried an 8800 GTS I had, the fan of this one start spinning so I suppose its OK but I still got the black screen, not
even the "no signal" message on monitor, it just do nothing.

I really don't know what it could be, please, if you got any idea help me, I'm soooooooooo stressed.Thanks
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  1. you got any other video cards laying around (to test motherboard functionality)? It's difficult to isolate where the problem is...
  2. yep, a 8800GTS that I also tried but the screen still stays black. But at least the fan of the 8800 start spinning when I turn on the PC
  3. did you ever get this sorted. \i have the same problem with my XFX 295.
  4. I still don't know what it is, but I bought a new Motherboard time ago, a XFX 790ISLI, and new ddr3 ram. Now it is going well.

    I suppose it was the motherboard PCI slot. I any way, don't worry, it's not the GPU, for me at least. Good luck
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