Internal Graphics Mode - BIOS function proper setting?


I've searched for this question long and hard to no avail and I'm turning to the great minds here for some advice. The two variables in this equation are:

Motherboard: GA-MA790GP-UD4H
Graphics Card: VGA HIS H485QT512P HD4850 512M RT (ATI)
Memory: 4GB DDR2 1066

My Question is: what should the BIOS setting "Internal Graphics Mode" be set to with a PCI-E x16 graphics card? Should it be disabled? Should I leave a small amount of memory for say (I don't know) DOS commands?

My options for this setting are:

1. Disabled
2. UMA
3. SidePort
4. UMA+Side Port

"UMA Frame Buffer Size" would also apply with options:

2. 128MB
3. 256MB
4. 512MB

I'm thinking of just disabling this because of the VGA card. Anyone know if that's the best setting?

Thank you for your input and sorry if I couldnt't find a post similar to this.

Thank you
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  1. Found answer - posting below for any search weary seekers in the future:

    Mondoman had it:
    go to BIOS' "Advanced BIOS Features" page (page 45 of your manual) - set "Internal Graphics Mode" to "Disabled";
    set "Init Display First" to PEG (assuming you've got it in the x16 slot);
    should be good to go...
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