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Hey guys.

I have a very strange issue, first off, Ill start with my PC Specs.

GTX 460 768mb GDDR5
4GB G.Skill DDR3 RAM
AMD PHenom II X2 555 BE 3.2ghz (OC'd to 3.5)

I seem like I dont get the performance boost fom MSi Afterburn. Ive read alot of reviews about OCing this card and they give some nice results, over 10 FPS at least.

Im gaming at 1680/1050. On Stock I should be getting over 60 FPS at all times on Very High settings in Far Cry 2, even when I OC my card to 850Mhz, I can still go below 60, 47 at times, and its really peeing me off.
I dont see whats the problem here.

Could someone help
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  1. 47+ FPS is nothing to complain about, I don't see what the issue is.

    Have you done GPU stress testing to ensure that the overclock is stable? What temperatures is the core reaching under load?
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